at SXSWedu

From March 9th to 12th, Centre Edouard Branly will display Cine.Tools at SXSWedu “Playground”. Playground Displays showcase effective learning approaches with an emphasis on innovation through discovery-based learning. This creative and high-energy space provides a platform for organizations to engage with attendees through these stationary displays that remain active for the duration of the Playground at SXSWedu 2015.


The Edouard Branly Center (named after the famous data-transmission pioneer) is a French R&D team working on digital innovation in the educational field. It is composed of researchers in Digital Humanities of the Catholic University of Paris and ISEP engineers (a French graduate engineering school in Electronics, Software & Computer). Our team focuses on innovative ways of teaching and learning using technologies. We work with teachers and students while providing apps and services which aim to improve their experience significantly. The CineTools project that we will showcasing at SXSWedu applies our vision to art integration and virtual learning:

CineTools is an open toolbox that enables teachers to use movies in the classroom or via a mooc/spoc program. Teacher(s) and students can select movies from a large database (thanks to a partnership with, the biggest French VoD provider dedicated to independent cinema). They can select scenes, cut & paste them, even create mashups while adding comments and annotations, and share their experimentations with their classmates and the CineTools community.

Find out more about the Playground displays here.

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