Play and Learn with Movies is an open toolbox and a learning management system focused on using movies in the classroom. It is developed by the Centre Edouard Branly for Digital Humanities (Catholic University of Paris), along with IRI (Centre Pompidou), Universcine (VOD) and Télécom Paristech, and is partly resulting from previous researches achieved during the Cinecast Project. Its philosophy is based on Blended Learning applied to Film Studies. With, the teacher chooses a film in a database and add on the movie her/his work instructions. Learners discover and analyze the movie at home at the time of their choice. They annotate the movie to answer the teachers’ questions or to ask questions to the class. Back to the classroom, teachers and learners can exchange views and debate with the help of the annotations (instructions and answers which have been left on the movie). They also can add new annotations, in order to improve their collective understanding of the movie.


Created by a French team, promotes French movie culture (the famous “politique des auteurs”), offering exclusive broadcast of French movies in original version with English subtitles.  But, breaking the French educational rule of a sanctified movie that one can only watch in a movie theatre, we promote new ways of exploring film culture with computers. Mostly, using technologies, we want to give learners new ways of expressing their views and feelings. To strengthen this stand, we encourage the annotative work directly on the movie content (and not on the side of it).

cine.tools_.03 is embedded in a custom version of the Open Source E-Learning service Moodle. Thus, the users can be identified as teacher or learner. The movie player and annotation technology is based on Open Source Javascript Libraries. It is built on the top of (1) Video.js Open Source HTLM5 Video Player extended by (2) the Annotator Open Knowledge Foundation Project compliant with (3) the Open Annotation Data Format.

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